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Bettina Rogers

My passion is worship. I love gathering people together to share God's word, praising Him through the good times and bad...sharing in our joy and sorrow. God has given me an unrelenting vision of opening a studio; a place of community where we work out to worship music. The beginning of that is the amazing gift of Holy Yoga, a 225 hour certification inclusive of Bible study, small groups, incredible yoga instruction, and prayer. I love the people that God brings to my classes! I design each class around a theme, with a playlist, scripture, and prayer that speaks to that theme. We finish feeling energized, renewed, and restored...ready to accept challenges with God's goodness and grace. The studio will also have indoor cycling classes that will be a variety of praise...hearts, minds, and souls united and ignited for Jesus. I have the most amazingly supportive husband and two of the best kids on this planet for which I am incredibly grateful. They see my dedication and ride the waves of fear, frustration, and failure, right by my side. I am passionate about encouraging people and they mirror this gift right back to me. Having earned a certificate from the inaugural Biblical Entreprenuership class at Concordia University has enriched my practice and connectivity. I also design and create uniquely exquisite knitted accessories and have founded Bettina Knits, Flying as a flight attendant continues to broaden my perspective and lends itself to opportunities to reach and touch more lives. I am crazy in love with that one magnificent obsession...our creator and mentor...Jesus.

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