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In 2009, while in a spin class (also known as group cycling), God gave me a very clear vision of combining worship music with spin and opening my own studio. It is to be called Christcycle, The Ride of Your Life. I trademarked the name and formed a corporation. Creating an environment of fellowship and praise, it would integrate faith and fitness for the purpose of knowing and glorifying God. I could forsee the endorphin rush along with the worship music being an exhilarating experience. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I became a certified spin instructor and began looking for a space to lease. Actively seeking the wholesale purchase of the bikes, God provided an opportunity at an even greater discount. Our family prayed about it and we made the commitment. 21 spin bikes currently reside in our garage! 


While in a yoga class the same thought came clearly...praise God, worship music, scripture, a cross. "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength." Deuteronomy 6:5 NIV. As I gained the physical benefits of the postures, I sought to combine the two and found Holy Yoga...a 225 hour certification that includes a week long retreat without the use of cell phones and computers. Just Jesus, yoga, and you! I became certified and continued to negotiate on lease space. The third offer was on a property much better than the previous two...attached to a church with another in the same parking lot. Multiple trips, meetings with an HVAC company to extimate the needed systems, paint, flooring, fixtures and more were all chosen. The samples along with the future floor plan all rode around with me in the trunk of my car. I lost the lease in November of 2011 to a fulfillment company needing zero improvements. Three weeks later the company my husband and I both work for filed for bankruptcy and the door to my dream closed. Thank you, Jesus. Our financial future was yet to be determined (as much as anyone's can be) and had I been in a lease it would have added more strain and stress. Early in 2012 God clearly told me to "take it on the road." I began teaching Holy Yoga in a new gym in RSM, then soon after at Saddleback Church Rancho Capistrano, in the Worship Center nestled in the rolling hills of San Juan Capistrano.  I began classes in my back yard in Laguna Niguel, facing the Saddleback Mountains with a five tier waterfall...The Water Garden. Next I brought classes to Treasure Island Park, behind the Montage in Laguna Beach.  I taught for three years at Mountain View Church, in San Juan Capistrano as well as Mariners Church at the same location. I teach at private retreats and lead pastors and their wives. I sustained an ankle injury earlier this year which has progressed to baffle a total of ten doctors and three physical therapists.  I have not taught or flown since January. I am beyond frustrated, not knowing if this will ever heal properly so I can jump back into my busy, (what I perceive to be) productive life. When on my knees praying , I asked God, "Why am I so housebound? How long will this go on? Where do you want me?" , to which he responded, "I have you right where I want you."  Please join me in prayer for God's will, guidance, and if it's in his will, partnership. 

Christcycle Spin remains patiently in our garage, waiting to unite hearts, minds, and the Holy Spirit once again. Holy Yoga is gaining rapid momentum and is not only physically beneficial, but is giving

current Christian yogi's a place to practice in worship and bringing

new connections to Christ. God only knows what's next...I do know 

that when He gives you a vision along with a relentless passion you

cannot help but follow His guidance! I am confident and pray that 

God will provide an opportunity far greater than what I had

envisioned and that it will be a blessing for our community and 


                                                              21 commerical spin bikes purchased in faith, 2010

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